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Best Ways To Clean Your Vag!na For Odour Free Oral S3x

Oral s3x can be fun, but one thing most women worry about is how the area down there smells or in most cases, how it tastes. It is a common thing to feel self-conscious about how you smell when your man goes down there to give you some oral pleasure. If you are about to have oral sex and are worried, here are some hygiene tips you can follow.
Are you about to have oral s3x with your man and you are worried about smell down there? here are some hygiene tips you should follow to boost your confidence.
Take a shower: Washing up is one of the best ways to clean your lady bit up before oral s3x, taking a shower before oral s3x is a great way to be sure you are clean down there. For more pleasure, you can even shower with your partner to make things heat up and you both might end up having s3x in the shower.
Tame the jungle: “Another key to staying clean and odour free is to trim the hair down there, this is because your hair shaft tends to hold on to excrement or vag!nal fluids, allowing the build up of harmful organisms that can lead to a foul odour and apart from that when your man goes down on you, having a mouth full of hair may not be the best sensation”.
How to clean yourself down there:
Your vulva or outer genital lips: “This is the outermost region of your genitals and covers your clitoris, urethral opening (where you pee from) and vag!nal opening, also due to its structure there is a possibility that sweat and other secretions get trapped in its folds, so when you wash, use some water to clean out this area”.
Labia minora or smaller inner lips: You should clean this area gently with your hand and warm water, try not to be harsh as the skin there is very tender and sensitive which can make it tear.

Your vag!na: Vag!na is a self-cleaning organ and does not usually have a foul odour, so using harsh soaps, douching or trying any other method of cleaning it will only end up ruining the natural balance of your vag!na. Even though a healthy vag!na does not have any foul odour, but in some cases, yellowish discharge or a foul smell can be an indication of an infection. So only clean your vag!na with water and your hand and you are good to go.
Some don’ts
Don’t wipe vag!na with wet wipes, as wet wipes contain alcohol which can hurt the tender skin of your vag!na and apart from that the residue those wet wipes leave behind also tastes foul so it won’t be any fun for your man when he is getting down on you.
Don’t be too harsh or douche as douching can be a very harmful practice which can harm the pH of your vag!na and also lead to infections.
Be careful when you shave or trim: “The skin down there is extremely sensitive and any nicks and cuts can result in nasty infections, so be careful when you shave and if you are trimming the area, make sure you are careful to hold the excess skin down as you go about the process as it can get caught in the trimmer

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