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Guys! 6 Reasons You Are Having Problem “Down There”

Unable to perform s3xually and not achieving an erect!on can be quite embarrassing and can also take a toll on one’s psychological health”.
Below are few reasons why you are unable to keep your manhood up when you need it the more.
Stress and anxiety: A stressful event sets off the natural alarm system in one’s body and the body automatically produces excess stress hormones and these hormones increase the heart rate as well as elevate one’s blood pressure, which are one of the factors for erectile dysfunction (ED).
Obesity: “Obesity hampers the functioning of hormones like testosterone and puts pressure on the heart, making you tired easily, the psychological aspects of obesity can lead to ED”.
Blood pressure drugs: Blood pressure drugs are meant to lower the blood pressure and dilate blood vessels but they make it difficult to sustain an erect!on.
Metabolic syndrome: Your metabolic rate is not maintained in this condition, which automatically leads to weight gain and thereby, affecting your erect!on.

High cholesterol levels: “These make it difficult to maintain an erect!on by interfering with the blood flow and high levels of cholesterol also put immense pressure on your heart”.
Chronic kidney disease: This type of disease affects the nerves, blood hormone levels thereby causing erectile dysfunction

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